Roni Rose, the Steph Curry admirer

During Game 2 of the NBA Finals, there really wasn’t much to talk about until Roni Rose burst onto the scene and went viral. For those asking ‘who,’ let’s explain.

The Golden State Warriors were wiping the floor with the Cleveland Cavaliers en route to an impressive 33-point victory. In the fourth quarter of the blowout victory, cameras caught Steph Curry making his way to the bench as an attractive admirer went on.

Naturally, she went viral.

Thanks to some hard-hitting investigative journalism on the internet, Twitter users quickly identified the lusting Warriors fan. It turned out to be a model who goes by the name “Roni Rose.”

Rose responded to the attention, poking fun at the entire situation.

Should we really be surprised?

It seems like in today’s day and age all you need is a quick camera pan during a broadcast to become a major star. Just ask Katherine Webb.

In the meantime, we’ll have to see what’s next for Ms. Rose. Until then, check out some photos from her Instagram account, since that’s probably why you’re all here. 

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