Video: John Cena spoofs Hulk Hogan sex scandal on ‘Maya & Marty’

Last year, WWE separated themselves from former superstar and Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan after a video of him going on a racist rant surfaced. However, it doesn’t seem like their top draw, John Cena, cares too much about the company trying to distance itself from the superstar.

Cena made a surprise guest appearance on “Maya & Marty,” a new skit show on NBC. During his appearance on the show, he impersonated Hogan by showing off his 24-inch pythons and making fun of the sex tape scandal, which Hogan won $115 million in a court case against Gawker Media over.

It was pretty hilarious simply because you wouldn’t expect Cena to go against WWE’s wishes to acknowledge Hulk Hogan. It was also pretty hilarious because he does a great impersonation of the Real American.

John Cena likely grew up as a pretty big Hogan fan, so that explains why his impression of the Hulkster was still pretty solid. I still would expect WWE to say something to Cena about mentioning Hogan on such a public level, however, especially since he is seen as the company’s biggest star, just as Hogan was back during the 1980s.

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