Seahawks’ Michael Bennett rips Steph Curry for youth camp prices

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and Golden State’s two-time reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry are both hosting youth camps for their respective sports this summer, but there is one major difference between the two: Bennett’s is free.

Bennett will be hosting his free youth football camp for a fourth year in Oahu, Hawaii this summer, while Steph Curry’s camp will be charging its kids $2,250 for an overnight stay.

Bennett, who lives in the Hawaiian community, expressed his frustration about high-paid athletes charging high prices for youth camps.

“I see a lot of different athletes come through Hawaii whether it’s Steph Curry or whoever it is,” Bennett said.

“They all come here and it makes me mad, because I live in this community and I understand this community — that there’s so many kids who can’t afford to pay such a high amount of money. In my mind it’s like, how much money do you need before you start giving back for free? And I think a lot of athletes should start focusing on that.”

If you are charging the youth to come to camp, it is your responsibility to give back, Bennett believes.

“If you do have a camp and you charge money for it, you need to make sure that money that you take from this community, you give back to the kids that are paying for the camp. These are the kids that live here,” said Bennett. “When you leave Hawaii and you go back to wherever you’re at, or you come here and you go back from this vacation you leave with a piece of paradise, but these people still live here every day.”

While learning a thing or two from the NBA’s greatest three-point shooter, arguably of all time, may seem like a priceless experience, Bennett’s hope is that the kids who come from families that are unable to pay the high expenses also get a chance to be part of those memorable camp experiences.

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