USC fraternity tries booking Tyga for $13,500, gets screwed

The Delta Tau Delta chapter at the University of Southern California learned the hard way that booking celebrity talent can be rough.

According to a report from TMZ, a member of the fraternity met with a man who claimed to handle bookings for hip hop artist Tyga. After agreeing to pay $13,500 for a show, the frat dude wired over the money.

As you probably could have guessed, Tyga no-showed the “scheduled” appearance and Delta Tau Delta was left with no act and $13,500 in the hole.

From the report:

LAPD’s now executed a search warrant at U.S. Bank to retrieve information about the owner of the account where the money was wired. The frat also hired a P.I. and according to the docs … their guy tracked down the suspect and found out he’s already being sued for ripping off someone else for $15k.

This man must be a smooth talker.

Hopefully the story ends with the fraternity getting its money back and the man sitting behind bars before he rips someone else off.

And the moral of the story is this: Don’t wire $13,500 to someone you just met without doing due diligence. It’s either that or don’t attempt to book Tyga for a show. We haven’t exactly decided yet.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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