Burritos via drone: At Virginia Tech, it’s a thing now

We’ve heard many fear-mongering tales of the various types of havoc drones could wreak on us if used commercially.

They could go awry, gain their consciousnesses and defeat all of what mankind has worked so hard to build in its short time on Earth; Cinnabon, a Donald Trump presidential run and hats with straws that put beer in your mouth for you.

What a loss it would be.

The positives, though?

We’ve heard stories of Amazon toying with the idea of drone deliveries and seen amazing videos of people flying drones thousands of feet above the planet’s surface. Thursday, word came out of a drone application that looks down on the heights of human achievement and mocks it.

According to Bloomberg, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, and Chipotle have partnered to start testing out a program this month where burritos will be delivered via drone to select Virginia Tech students, employees and other possible recruits.

The venture is FAA-approved and consists of autonomous drones flying out of a Chipotle food truck.

You might be thinking: “What if a drone goes rogue and blesses the wrong person with those soft, godly Mexican cylinders?”

No need to worry.

The drones will have humans ready to take control should something go wrong.

Mark Blanks, director of the partnership, told Bloomberg that this venture was the “most complex delivery flight operation that [he was] aware of that’s occurred on U.S. soil”.

It’s also the most delicious.

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