Video: Rope snaps under Big Show at WWE live event

There is no questioning that veteran WWE superstar Big Show is a large man. He is the heaviest wrestler on the roster at 450 pounds and is billed as the World’s Largest Athlete.

It is not very often you see him show off his high-flying skills, but he tried to do just that during a live event across the pond on Friday. He was facing John Cena when he tried to go for a corner splash, but the middle rope snapped and he went tumbling down, allowing Cena to hit his finisher and win the match.

That is certainly not how this match was intended to end, but luckily no one got seriously injured as the rope went flying towards the crowd.

Big Show just doesn’t have good luck when it comes to getting up on the ropes. Back in 2003, he and Brock Lesnar created a memorable moment when they imploded the ring on an episode of Smackdown.

Maybe Big Show should just stay off the ropes from now on. Or keep doing it since he seems to create memorable moments all the time from up there.

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