Bret Bielema laughs off Arkansas uniform spelling error

Look at this picture of Arkansas head coach Bret Bielemea standing next to his players on the sideline and see if you can spot the error.

Jesus Christ, “Akransas”? Really?

That’s Arkansas (read closely, Razorbacks athletic gear personnel) running back TJ Hammonds wearing the misspelled jersey above, one that quickly caught the eye of a few eagle-eyed Razorbacks fans on Twitter.

When asked about the mishap, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema said he would implement a new double-checking policy to make sure the situation didn’t happen again.

Bielema mentioned how the team double-checks the backs of the players’ jerseys, which have their last names imprinted on them, but never the fronts of the jerseys.

According to Arkansas Online,

“70 guys travel, and 69 of them were right, but obviously we had a dyslexia speller or something on that one jersey,” Bielema said. “We had some fun with it .. .but it also brings some humor into the world, which we all need.”

The 24th-ranked Razorbacks will take on the Texas State Bobcats this Saturday.


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