Duke Roufus on CM Punk: I think he’ll fight again

At UFC 203 in Cleveland last weekend, former WWE superstar Phil “CM Punk” Brooks made his mixed martial arts debut inside of the UFC’s Octagon.

The debut left a lot to be desired, as Punk was taken to the mat while winding up for a punch before being pummeled and eventually submitted, but there are still those who wonder whether he will ever fight again.

After the humbling loss, it’s a fair question.

UFC president Dana White had said that Punk should probably look elsewhere if he wants to fight again, while the welterweight said himself that he was unsure of what the future holds.

But if you ask his head trainer, Duke Roufus of Roufusport in Milwaukee, there will be an encore performance.

Roufus shared his belief that Punk will fight again during an interview on the Sherdog Radio Network.

“He’s got some stitches (around) his eye and he had some cauliflower ear that blew up during the fight so he has to get those healed up,” Roufus said. “I know he wants to get back on the mat and keep working. I had a plethora of promoters reach out to me but I’m not his manager. People have shown great interest in working with him.

“The game is faster, stronger, more explosive in the Octagon and that’s the lesson that I think he learned the most, is to train more and work harder. I think we’re going to see him do some jiu jitsu tournaments to get some more competition rounds in as well… I think he’s going to (fight again).”

If CM Punk does fight again, it’s hard to imagine it will be inside of the UFC.

Sure, he helped with pay-per-view buys for UFC 203, but the flop inside of the cage was a slap in the face to fans and actual UFC fighters who have put in the years of training to perfect their craft. Having a low level, amateur fighter in the top promotion takes away from the product the UFC is trying to sell.

Should Punk choose to fight again, good for him. You can’t hate a man for chasing his dream.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t make an appearance in the UFC again, because even the lowest rung of the ladder in the UFC is too high for CM Punk to reach.

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