Northern Colorado imposes postseason ban in wake of violations

Northern Colorado has imposed a series of penalties on itself after reported violations were made to the NCAA.

Last April, Norther Colorado conducted a self-report, finding numerous violations which prompted it to fire coach B.J. Hill and his staff immediately. The details of the violations are not known at this time.

The penalties, which still need NCAA approval, include:

  1. A postseason ban, including the conference tournament, for the 2016-17 men’s basketball season.
  2. A financial penalty of $5,000 plus 2 percent of the men’s basketball program budget.
  3. A reduction of a total of three financial aid awards provided to men’s basketball student-athletes during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 academic years.

The postseason ban is significant (though this is a team that won only 10 games last season), as are the reduction in recruits. It’s curious to know what the violations they found were exactly. Assuming they involve some kind of extra benefits or perks for the players, (which the NCAA would define as against the rules of amateurism), why were the playing so badly? If you’re going to cheat, you should win more than 10 games.

Respect to Norther Colorado for reporting what they found, but shame on coach B.J. Hill for breaking the rules and still going 3-11 on the road.