Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly leaves tickets at gate for debate star Kenneth Bone

Breakout star of the presidential debate Kenneth Bone can go to a Red Sox playoff game if he feels so inclined. He can wear is internet iconic red sweater, he’ll fit right in.

The attitude going into the second presidential debate was a kind of expect the unexpected. Well we weren’t expecting a jolly man in a bright red sweater sitting in the front row to stumble charmingly through his question; and we shoulda seen it comin’.

Kenneth Bone became an internet star instantly, and he’s now being offered a chance to go watch a little playoff baseball at Fenway Park. Not a bad week for Mr. Bone.

In a follow up interview Monday morning Kenneth Bone said if the election were tomorrow he would be leaning towards Donald Trump. However, he went on to say that Hillary Clinton “really impressed me with her composure and some of her answers last night.”

I hope he went to the game.