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Baylor confirms Art Briles, Ian McCaw failed to report sexual assault


Baylor University released a statement on Friday that concedes former head coach Art Briles and athletic director Ian McCaw failed to report assault after the information was made available to them. The statement claims that their is no evidence to suggest that Briles ever reported the assault.

Here is part of the statement that specifically outlines negligence from Briles and McCaw.

To place the news accounts in context, here are the facts about the underlying report of sexual assault: In April 2013, a female student-athlete reported to her head coach that she had been sexually assaulted by five Baylor football players approximately one year earlier. The student-athlete provided her head coach with the names of the involved football players. The head coach immediately reported the assault, including the names of the reported players, to the then-Athletic Director, to the head football coach, and to the sports administrator for the female student-athlete’s team. According to Baylor’s investigation, neither the head coach, the Athletic Director, the sports administrator or the football coach disclosed the reported sexual assault to Baylor’s Judicial Affairs or to anyone else outside of the Athletics Department.

In this case, the University can find no information that would support a conclusion that the student-athlete’s head coach – or any other Athletics Department personnel – reported the incident to Judicial Affairs in 2013 or at any time since. Baylor University reviewed all of the evidence and found.

You can read the full statement here.

Last week, Baylor assistant coaches released a statement claiming that Briles did everything he could to report the assault.

According to their statement, which was released on Twitter: “Coach Briles handled the matter honorably and with the serious attention it deserved”

Briles was fired from Baylor in the wake of the scandal and the school has struggled to replicate its success on the field without him. For a time after his firing, there was a campaign put forward by the boosters to have him reinstated as head football coach.

It is unclear when, or if he will receive another opportunity to coach competitively again.

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