SNL Election Night skit is absolute perfection (Video)

The latest episode of Saturday Night Live took a look at Election Night in America.

The sketch perfectly portrays the emotions of many Americans on Tuesday night, which started with confidence that Hillary Clinton would become the president-elect. But as the night went on, it was becoming more and more clear that Donald Trump was clearing a path to the White House.

The dialogue is perfect and shows that while many were confident Clinton would win, everyone seemingly underestimated rural America.

Well, except for two good pals — Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Check out the hilarity below.

Maybe we all really should have seen this coming.

Look, I don’t know what kind of president Donald Trump is going to be, but I am confident that he has done his part to make SNL Great Again — as long as he doesn’t cancel it if they’re too harsh on him on those Twitter fingers.

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