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Kate Upton unloads on MLB writers after Verlander loses AL Cy Young


Super-couple Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are both upset about the results of the AL Cy Young award; but I think Kate Upton might be more upset than he is.

After a bounce back season in which Verlander saw his numbers return to the top of nearly every metric available, many pegged him as the likeliest Cy Young award winner this season.

In fact, more writers had Verlander as the winner on their ballots than the actual winner Rick Porcello. However, Verlander failed to make an appearance whatsoever on two of the ballots, which resulted in his overall point total falling short of first place.

Following the release of the breakdown that determined the winner, Upton went to twitter to voice her displeasure.

To be fair, Verlander deserved to win the Cy Young. He posted a higher WAR, lower WHIP and fewer RA/9.

However, Porcello won 22 games this year to Verlander’s 16, which was likely the deciding factor. It seems as though Verlander need more run support to win the Cy Young this season.

Don’t expect anyone to feel bad for Justin Verlander, though. He is a multi-millionaire who goes to bed next to Kate Upton every night.

Nice job, Rick Porcello; a win one for the little guy.

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Photo Credit: Instagram (@kateupton)

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