Snoop Dogg says NFL and NBA are racially profiling with marijuana testing

Hip hop artist and marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg stopped by ESPN First Take on Wednesday morning and, you guessed it, he engaged in a debate about drug testing in the NFL and NBA.

As far as Snoop Dogg is concerned, the testing in pro football and basketball comes down to racial profiling.

“My position is, NHL, they don’t test for marijuana. Major League Baseball, they don’t test for marijuana. Basketball and NFL they test for marijuana,” Snoop Dogg said. “The sports that are basically dominated that people that look like me and people that do what I do. So it seems like there’s racial profiling going on, because like [Max Kellerman] said, it seems like they’re in bed with the alcohol companies and whatnot.”

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Snoop Dogg continued to discuss the topic, highlighting the positives of medical marijuana while also mentioning the danger of prescription pain killers.

“It’s not that we want you to come to work under the influence, but maybe when you’re after work and you need healing and you’re taking this medicine to help you with these migraines and these back pains and all the stuff that these pills that you take is really blowing your stomach up and messing your mind up,” he said.

“So now you’re taking something that’s prescribed by a doctor, maybe it’s just a rubbing cream, maybe it’s an edible. It doesn’t always have to be smoking. There’s different ways of being treated through this medical cannabis.”

It’s hard to disagree with the Doggfather.

As the public opinion of marijuana continues to change across the country and with marijuana being legal and accessible in more states than ever before, the NFL and NBA seriously need to reconsider their stance on the drug.

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