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Report: Texas A&M ‘strongly supports’ Kevin Sumlin


After what started as a promising year for Texas A&M, the Aggies lost three of their final four games of the season and left many wondering if Kevin Sumlin’s time at College Station was running out.

However, the coach’s job is not expected to be in jeopardy considering the circumstances that led to the A&M collapse down the stretch.

Starting quarterback Trevor Knight, who guided the Aggies to their lighting quick 6-0 start this season, missed a large part of the season after injuring his shoulder in the first half against Mississippi State.

There is, however, another reason that is perhaps more likely the reason A&M will keep Sumlin on board.

The Aggies loss to SEC rival LSU on Thanksgiving was a huge blow to their season and could effect them on the recruiting campaign this offseason, though. Sumlin currently has the No. 9 recruiting class, according to 247sports, which could take a dip in light of how they finished the season.

What would hurt more, though: Keeping Sumlin on or letting him go?

That might cause those fickle but talented teens to flee for the Georgia’s and South Carolina’s of the world. However unstable Sumlin’s job might be, he still isn’t the coach with the worst job security in his state.

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