Video: Joanna Krupa does a naked Mannequin Challenge

It came, was fun for a while, then left after the market became saturated with sub-par versions of people attempting to remain perfectly still to the same song. We had our fun and were seemingly fit to move on.

Then, Joanna Krupa fired the closing salvo (please) on the internet fad of 2016.

The Playboy model and reality T.V. star recently did her own version of the Mannequin Challenge while laying nude in front of a large window overlooking a beautiful Chicago vista.

So it doesn’t fit as neatly into the Mannequin Challenge guidelines as some would like.

The camera remains fixed on her the entire time, there is no song and the video is like three seconds long; all of which are problems for M.C. purists. So how has this video garnered almost 200K views?

Well…people trying to figure out what magazine she is reading, obviously.

Krupa is quite active on social media and has had a propensity for posting material of the like in the past:

Long live the Mannequin Challenge!

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