Dabo Swinney thinks reporters ‘should be fired’ over racial slur allegations

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney denied his players used racial slurs this weekend, despite allegations from members of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

On Tuesday, Swinney once again commented on the allegations and was not hiding his displeasure with the media.

Swinney went after the reporters who passed along the story of racial allegations, saying they “should be fired” for a complete lack of accountability.

“I don’t have a problem giving young people some grace,” Swinney said, via David M. Hale of ESPN. “Young people will say some things from time to time, emotional or whatever. Media people, I don’t give them much grace. … It’s just like there’s no credibility anymore. You don’t need to confirm anything anymore. Just write it. … Shoot first, ask questions later.”

Swinney isn’t wrong.

Too often in today’s world of social media, reporters are quick to be the first to report something rather than confirming its authenticity.

Clemson offensive lineman Jay Guillermo also commented on the situation, saying he reached out to South Carolina defensive lineman Dante Sawyer, who initially made the allegations to smooth over any tensions.

“We talked about it, and I let him know that’s not what we do,” Guillermo said. “If anything was said, that’s not how we are, not what we are as an offensive line or as a team. We have a good culture here, and it’s a classy culture. That’s something Coach Swinney prides himself on. We do have good people here.”

It’s nice to see that the players are coming together to get passed this situation. Hopefully everyone else can do the same.

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