Ole Miss vandalizes Mississippi State campus in retaliation

“This’ll show em’! This is almost as good as having won the game!”

In retaliation to having been absolutely thwomped against rival Mississippi State earlier this season, the Ole Miss Rebels have…well…rebelled.

This morning, there were numerous locations around Wade Davis Stadium on the campus of Mississippi State University. The Rebels were beating 52-20 in the Egg Bowl, and nearly failed to make an postseason bowl game as a result.

There are cameras all around the stadium. Those will obviously be looked at. pic.twitter.com/voIbbrfhW9

— Michael Bonner (@MikeBBonner) December 17, 2016

Making a loop around the stadium and found some more graffiti. pic.twitter.com/uwLLrxtqxD

— Michael Bonner (@MikeBBonner) December 17, 2016

This is pathetic and the responsible party should feel very small.

This game was nearly a month ago, and now, with a bowl game approaching rapidly in their windshield they choose to exact revenge? Revenge on what, exactly? What would have been really good, is if you managed to lose by fewer than three touchdowns, that’s revenge.

There are a number of cameras surrounding the facility that will undoubtedly be looked at, if they haven’t been already.

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