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SNL takes a jab at Donald Trump and Tom Brady during weekend update


He might win MVP this year after sitting out the first four games of the season. Tom Brady,  who served a suspension to start the season as a result of deflategate hasn’t heard the last of it from the media yet. Last night on the Weekend Update portion of SNL, co-anchor Michael Che read what was on the cue-cards: a simultaneous comment on Donald Trump and a jab at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

[Obama] also accused Donald Trump of knowing it was happening while doing nothing about it, but I mean, can you really blame him? Who snitches when somebody cheats for them? That’s just ungrateful. You don’t expect Tom Brady to tell the ref, ‘hey, let me try that touchdown pass again, the ball was deflated.’ I guess Donald Trump was just acting like a patriot.”

It has recently been suggested that Russia interfered with the U.S. election and handed Donald Trump the victory as a result. With President Obama holding what could be his final press conference to discuss the matter, there is some talk of rescinding the President-elect title from Donald Trump. While it is still unclear if anything will come of this, one thing is certain, the roller-coaster presidency has begun before it has even begun.

Tom Brady was forced to sit out four games as a result of his cheating to gain an unfair advantage. Perhaps it is not unreasonable to make the President-elect sit out four years as a result of his.

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