It looks like Jim Harbaugh may have a Harambe photo in his office

Michigan softball coach Carol Hutchins stopped by head football coach Jim Harbaugh’s office on Wednesday, giving him the opportunity to test out the new Wolverines’ glove.

While it’s a fancy new mitt for the softball team, there was something in the photos that really got the internet buzzing.

First, here are the photos of Harbaugh enjoying his gift.

But when you look closer, you’ll see what got everyone talking. It looks like Harbaugh may have a photo of America’s favorite gorilla, Haramabe, hanging on his office wall.

It certainly looks like that could be a photo of Harambe, but the folks at Sporting News took it upon themselves to do the hard-hitting investigative journalism about the photo and, unfortunately, it looks like that’s actually not Harambe.

From Sporting News:

Cross-referencing “endangered species” and “gorilla” will get you Earth Times, which displays the photo of the gorilla we see here. Since there’s no connection between Earth Times and the Cincinnati Zoo, it’s safe to say this is not Harambe.

While it’s certainly not beyond Harbaugh to have a photo of Harambe in his office, this is unfortunately not him. Case closed.

Well, shucks. How amazing would it have been if Harbaugh had a Harambe photo hanging on his wall?

The head coach definitely knows how to put himself in the headlines, but this appears to just be one big coincidence.

Keep up the good fight, Michigan.

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