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Bracketology is officially a word, added to Oxford English Dictionary


Bracketology has had a major breakthrough, now officially being recognized as a word after being added to the Oxford English Dictionary, according to the New York Times.

The official definition in the Oxford English Dictionary reads:

The action or practice of augmenting a manuscript text with passages known or thought to be missing, enclosed in brackets. nonce-use.

Before a word is added to the Oxford English Dictionary, head of the United States dictionaries at Oxford University Press Katherine Connor Martin said they generally must be used for a decade.

Since bracketology fits the bill, it was added.

The report added:

In the case of bracketology, Ms. Martin said, an automated process that scans publications first detected the word’s use in 2002 in The Sporting News. In 2007, it was noticed in The New Yorker by a human being, a “professional reader” who combs through all manner of publications looking for new words and usages. In April 2015, a formal suggestion was made to include bracketology in the dictionary

Sports terms, FTW! We made it.

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