Jeopardy contestant embarrassingly fails at Pac-12 question

Jeopardy can be incredibly difficult, especially when you have no knowledge regarding the category at hand.

Unfortunately for one contestant on tonight’s episode of Jeopardy, his embarrassing answer has made him the laughing stock of college sports fans.

The poor guy got the clue which read: “It’s the only Pac-12 school that does not contain the name of a state.”

While that should be a lay-up for any college sports fan, our guy Justin here embarrassingly whiffed by naming a school that doesn’t even play on the same coast.

So what school does Justin think plays in the Pac-12 without containing the name of a state? His answer: Auburn.


It’s tough to fail that spectacularly. It’s even tougher when the clue is a Daily Double. Better luck next time, Justin.

For those who don’t know the answer, it is Stanford. Not Auburn.

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