Video: Forrest Griffin shaves head to pay up on bet with Cody Garbrandt

UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin is a man of his word.
Back in September, Griffin was in Ohio watching UFC 203 alongside Cody Garbrandt. The two made a bet on Garbrandt becoming the champion at UFC 207, with Griffin joking that he’d give Garbrandt a free haircut or shave his own head if Garbrandt won.
Well, after a dominant performance at UFC 207, Garbrandt became the champion.
During the post-fight press conference, Garbrandt joked with Griffin about paying up on the bet, before saying he’d let the former light heavyweight champion off. However, Griffin decided to go through and shave his head during the latest episode of the UFC Rankings Report.
We present you a newly bald Forrest Griffin.

Hats off to Forrest for paying up, or hats on if you wanna cover up your haircut.
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