Tomi Lahren actually used to be fun according to her old tweets

Before she became the alt-right queen shouting her opinions on Facebook, Tammy Tomi Lahren was your average college girl doing what everyone would do if they were going to school in Las Vegas: drinking her face off and looking for love.
On Monday night, Twitter users began to dig up some of Tomi’s old tweets which don’t really line up with her conservative narrative.
After all, this is the same girl who slammed Beyonce, but was not afraid to “pop that p” during a night out on the strip.
I know, it’s hard to believe, right? Super-conservative Miss Lahren was actually once a human and not an angry, screaming hater of fun? Well, here’s some of the proof.

Where did this Tomi go? I miss the old Tomi.
But wait, there’s more! You know the Tomi Lahren who always bashes “liberal snowflakes” for feeling entitled and not having jobs? Well…

Of course, Tomi decided to delete some of her old tweets, but this is the internet, so they will forever live on in infamy.
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Photo Credit: Twitter

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