Video: MIT professor proves that Deflategate was a farce

MIT professor John J. Leonard might end up getting himself season tickets to Patriots games. The only problem is he’s an Eagles fan and wouldn’t know what to do with them.
But in this video he explains concretely and succinctly why Deflategate was absolute nonsense.
It’s all about Ideal Gas Law.
It appears that Tom Brady served a four game suspension to start this season because the NFL doesn’t understand physics.

Brady, who fought to the bitter end before accepting the four game suspension has always denied any involvement in deflating the footballs. Now, it seems like he was probably telling the truth.
Deflategate, for as ridiculous as it seemed at times, was largely a result of the Patriots being accused of cheating in the past. Their footballs were deflated to 11.3 PSI instead of 12.5 PSI for their Conference Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, and because of their track record, they were accused of cheating.
At this point, most people accept that the Patriots played no role in intentionally deflating the footballs on the day of the game. And despite the four game suspension Brady had to serve to start this season, he remains a potential MVP candidate.
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