North Carolina ball boy hits three straight half court shots

It’s too bad they weren’t giving away a Toyota Tacoma or something. These kinds of half-court heroics usually come with a huge monetary reward or that new car smell; not that he would have been able to drive it anyway.
During half-time of the Tar Heels systematic dismantling of in-state rival the N.C. State Wolfpack earlier this month, Asher Lucas thrilled fans by draining three consecutive half-court shots.
The pulse of the crowd grows after each one goes in, with the third whipping them into an out and out frenzy.

Keep an eye on this kid, he’s going places! With Steph Curry having extended the field of attack to nearly mid-court in the NBA, Lucas could provide a spark off the bench for any team looking to add a little “Like Mike” type intrigue to their season. After the impressive display, Lucas was understandably all smiles. Reports indicate all the other ball kid’s now call him “Sir”.
This was the only real instance of excitement for the fans that night, even with their team being on the winning side. The Tar Heels nearly overlapped the Wolfpack in the final score.
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