Video: Tough Guy picks the wrong target and gets destroyed

Don’t write checks you can’t cash.
It’s difficult to know the context surrounding what happens here. Without any audio, it’s difficult to know if this guy had this kind of whopping coming. He appears to be harassing and taking swipes at his target, intentionally provoking him several times before any action is taken against him.
When the response came, it came with a fury.
If you’re going to pick on someone who is willing to turn the other cheek (not that it should be condoned either way), you better be sure you can take him.
Because if not, people write about you on the internet.
[protected-iframe id=”9c6546db9d4526ed3ce568dcfe5f0baf-112307288-6515840″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]
What’s up with the guy who came over to stop the fight and was so easily persuaded to leave?
Goodness. It looks like the guy finished his phone call, calmly put the phone in his pocket and slapped this other guy around as if it were all part of his normal afternoon routine.
I hope that woman is able to finish her business at the counter later on. It appears she was interrupted mid-transaction.
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UFC 211 will be in Dallas on May 13
UFC 211 will be in Dallas on May 13