Police investigating rape of 16 year old girl in men's basketball dorm

Kansas police are investigating a rape they believed to have taken place at McCarthy Hall the night of Dec. 17 and into early the following morning. McCarthy Hall, the all male dormitory that also houses the Kansas basketball team, houses 38 students in total.
The suspects details were not made available, but they could be facing serious charges if convicted.
Very little is known of the suspect at all. The KU police have not furnished a description of him, or stated explicitly that he is even a student or resident in the dorm. In these kinds of situations, though, the university will put out an alert if they feel there is an ongoing risk, they have not done so in this instance.
In addition to the potential rape charge, three other charges are being investigated: contributing to a child’s misconduct, furnishing alcohol to a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia.
The victim is not a KU student and was visiting the dorm as a guest.
Some of the players on the basketball team are currently listed as witnesses to the investigation. Coach Bill Self had the following to say:

“From what I have learned, a witness can be many things, including a person who can potentially provide information, whether an eyewitness or not, or has been present before, during or after an alleged incident.
“All comments moving forward will come from the university or KU police department.
“If information is brought to us that warrants action at any time, the appropriate action will be taken.”

Though the victim is not a student at the university, any rape that takes place on campus still falls under the umbrella of Title IX.
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