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Nina Agdal wears a shaving cream bikini for photo shoot


To call Nina Agdal a star on the rise in the world of professional modeling would be an understatement, though not an inaccurate one.

She is at the top of her profession, and yet miraculously still getting more famous. After being named the Rookie of the Year by Sports Illustrated in 2012, Agdal’s stock has not stopped climbing.

Her most recent photoshoot for Edge might be the cream of the crop, though.

In a series of photo’s¬†for the shaving cream giant, Agdal sports a shaving cream bikini. While Agdal is as breathtaking as ever, the real hero in this story is the person who did the costuming. Such precision! Such innovativeness! Seriously though, nice work.

If I didn’t know it was shaving cream, I wouldn’t have known it was shaving cream.

At 24 Agdal is a veteran in the modeling biz. A shockingly shorter shelf-life than even NFL running backs, she might not have many years left as a top billed model though. Will she still be attractive, of course. But the clock ticks on everybody. Lets just enjoy the quality close shave of Edge while we can.


    Michael is originally from Miami, FL and is of Cuban descent. He holds BFA from the University of Florida/New World School of the Arts and is also a New York city based stand-up comedian. Michael is 5'11", but wears elevators in his shoes to make himself 6 feet tall. Twitter: @MichaelNapoles
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