Mike MacIntyre Issues Statement On Tumpkin Assault Charges

Mike MacIntyre coached a historically poor Colorado Buffaloes football team to a 10-4 season in 2016. They were ranked in the top 25 for the first time in over a decade, going as high as No. 9 in the country.
Colorado made its first bowl appearance since 2007 and finished the recruiting season with a class that ranked 34th in the country; up from 67th last year. Everything seemed to be trending in the right direction, with one huge exception.
Rather than everyone talking about what a great coach Mike MacIntyre is, the narrative has surrounded his former assistant Joe Tumpkin and the eight assault charges brought against him by his ex-girlfriend. To this point, MacIntyre had remained silent, never publicly addressing an issue which was growing into the only narrative surrounding his program.
That changed today when he issued a statement that addressed both his knowledge of the situation, and how he handled it once he was made aware.

Upon hearing the allegations by Joe Tumpkin’s girlfriend, my initial reaction and foremost concern was for her safety. I reiterated that to her several times and confirmed that she was in fact, safe.
In the same conversation, I was clear in communicating to her my obligation as a university employee to notify my superior, which is exactly what I did. I can say I did everything necessary to ensure this individual’s statements were relayed immediately.
I would like to clarify the following reported statements:
There were two separate conversations. The first was her report to me of the abuse. In the second conversation, I communicated to her that I reported it.
Tumpkin was made the play caller for the bowl game because, at the time of the decision, there was no police report or legal complaint. This decision was approved by my superiors.
I want to be clear I unequivocally endorse the chancellor’s plans for improving CU’s policies and practices in dealing with matters of domestic violence and pledge that I and the entire football coaching staff will work to carry out our obligations under university policy.

Tumpkin resigned from his position at the university after the eight charges were formally brought against him. His resignation took place on Jan. 27.
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