Zima Is Making A Comeback And Returning To Stores Soon

Zima was a popular drink the 90’s. A clear malt beverage that sold over one-million barrels in 1994, the drink was defunct by 2008 and missed by very few.
Now, those very few are getting their wish granted; Zima will be back on store shelves sooner rather than later.
And it’ll likely stay on those shelves. For a time, Zima was branded as an alternative to beer. The catchphrase “Zomething Different” was  used to promote the brand to great success, but after failing to shake its “girly-man” image, Zima folded as quickly as it came.
Now, with the success of a number of other alcoholic beers, the CoorsMiller company will now compete for a share of the market with this malt-liquor reboot.


Zima is still sold in Japan and is now coming back to the States, hopefully with better ads. The drink will be available for a limited time only. Thank God.

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