Pizza Hut Releases Sneakers That Allow You To Order Pizza

Pizza Hut has found a way to integrate pizza technology and footwear into one seamless product.
For a limited time, Pizza Hut is offering shoes that, when you press the the button integrated at the top of the tongue, a pizza will be delivered to your home.
This commercial proves two things: One, Grant Hill is willing to advertise just about anything. And two, major food chains like Pizza Hut will use any excuse and gimmick to sell a few more products.
It just so happens that this is a hysterically impractical one that will likely be worth a ton of money at some point.

The shoes are a promotional item for the NCAA Tournament and only 64 pairs of them were made; the same number of teams that will be invited to participate in the annual March Madness tournament. The cleverly named “Pie Tops” are a must have people passionate about ordering pizza from the comfort of their own feet.
In a related story, Popeyes has released a jacket made of real chicken. When you put it on, it spikes your cholesterol and kills you instantly.
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