Charles Barkley Rips 'Stupidity' Of Lonzo Ball's Father

And he’s not wrong. It hasn’t taken a brain surgeon to discern that Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball Lonzo Ball, is perhaps disproportionately proud of his son. And that’s saying something, considering his son is a very talented basketball player with a potentially long and fruitful playing career at the NBA level.
However, because of several remarks made by Ball, his son Lonzo might have to pay the price.
All in one season, Ball has said his son will:

  1. Only play for the Lakers
  2. Is better than Steph Curry
  3. Already has the branding power of Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley, who is known to give the straight dope when asked for comment (and sometimes without being asked), had the following to say:

“He’s gonna be better than Steph Curry? That’s what he said. Steph Curry has won a couple MVPs, he’s pretty good.
“Man, let me tell you something. That’s that AAU s—. You can’t say a guy is going to be better than Steph Curry, a guy who has played 30 college games. I know you can be proud of your son, but at some point, it becomes stupidity.”

Lavar Ball has become something of a punching bag of late because of his outlandish comments. But before you start feeling too bad for him, you should know that he isn’t feeling bad for himself.
Quite the opposite, he has defended his position, particularly the one about his son being better than Steph Curry.

“I don’t know why everybody gets mad for. What I’m not going to say is Lonzo is pretty good but he’s no Steph Curry. Stop it. Steph Curry is pretty good but he’s no Lonzo Ball.”

Earlier on Monday, the Pac-12 Conference announced it’s Player of the Year Award recipient. Much to daddy Ball’s ire, it wasn’t his son Lonzo.
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Photo Credit: UCLA Basketball

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