VIDEO: House Constructed By 3D Printer In 24 Hours For $10k

The future is arriving, and a number of skilled craftsmen might soon be trading in impact drivers for keyboards. A San Francisco based company, Apis Cor, 3D printed an entire home in Russia in only 24 hours.
As impressive as the construction time was, it paled in comparison to the price-tag, a shockingly low $10,134 in US currency.
The home was printed in Russia and is a quaint 409 square feet. It features one particularly striking architectural design, as one of the main walls curves at the same radius as a curved television; this was done to show off the capability of the printer. A square home would have been even cheaper, according to a blog post by the manufacturer.
The lion-share of the cost, in fact, was where human labor was required.
Workers were still needed to install doors and windows and wire the house for electricity.

The total cost does not include the cost of labor, which would be a large added expense if someone were to want to have a home like this privately built. Even with the included cost of a labor, and the undisclosed cost of renting the printer to construct the home (Apis doesn’t specify the cost, but does concede that the price includes the cost of the printer’s operator), it would still be substantially less than the traditional method of building a home from scratch.
This is certainly an interesting project, but likely only the beginning. 3D printing has boomed in popularity over the past five years, and clever engineers will continue to find bigger and better ways to harness its abilities.
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