Everyone Needs To Stop Trying This Golf Trick Shot Because It Always Goes Terribly Wrong

If you are going to try a golf trick shot, make sure you have practiced countless times before you put your friends in danger.
That may seem like common sense, but unfortunately some people don’t get the memo. That’s okay, though, because it gives us some amazing golf trick shot fails to bring a little laughter into our lives.
This one trick in particular always seems to end in disaster.
The purpose of this trick shot is to chip the ball over your friends head, but you can already see where we’re going here. Instead, the ball hits the poor friend square in the face before he falls to the floor.
Yep. That’s about what we’ve come to expect. Every. Damn. Time.
So before you think about trying out your flop shot, just ask yourself: Is making my friend hate me and breaking his face with a golf ball really worth the Instagram likes?

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