Tim Tebow Can't Throw A Baseball Either

Tim Tebow wasn’t a very good NFL quarterback.
After all, he eventually was relegated to being a personal punt protector for the New York Jets, before ultimately flaming out in the league. That’s generally what happens when you struggle with accuracy and you’re the man responsible for throwing the ball.
It looks like that also happens to be one of the few skills Tebow brought with him for his attempt at a job in Major League Baseball.
According to reports, Tebow was warming up with teammate Yoenis Cespedes prior to a Grapefruit League game against the Houston Astros. That’s when Tebow took the opportunity to once again flash his inaccuracy while nearly taking the life of an MLB reporter.

It wasn’t a one time thing, either.

Welp, at least he tries hard.
The good news for Tebow is that he could always stick to the designated hitter thing.
[H/T: Sports Illustrated]
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Photo Credit: YouTube

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