Even McDonald’s Is Dragging Donald Trump

You know things are bad when you are getting put in your place by McDonald’s. I’m sorry, Donald Trump.

On Thursday morning, the President of the United States was absolutely roasted on social media by the official Twitter account of the popular fast food chain.

It was obviously a mistake from someone who forgot to switch their account, but it’s hilarious that it happened.

Of course, the tweet was quickly deleted.

But this is the internet, so everything lives on forever and there is a screenshot of the tweet going viral.

Well done, McDonald’s social media man. Well done.

The tweet was met with a mixed reaction, some laughing hysterically and others whining about the diss. The latter group also added that they would be protesting and no longer shoving their face with greasy food.

We’ll let you guess who the people in each group voted for.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not hard.

As for the diss itself, that was pretty amazing. You know Donald hates when people knock his hands, so this tweet is going to find its way to the Oval Office. Who knows, perhaps the president will even go on a Twitter trumpertantrum over the message.

We can only wait and see.

Ba da ba ba ba. I’m lovin’ it

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