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It’s St. Paddy’s Day, Not St. Patty’s Day: Here’s Why


Should you say “Happy St. Paddy’s Day” or “Happy St. Patty’s Day”?

Today is St. Patrick’s Day.

It is a time for celebration and excessive consumption of alcohol. It is a fun holiday where we all have the chance to enjoy ourselves, but every self-conscious human being will find themselves in quite the pickle at least once.

When you try to shorten the name of the holiday, is it proper to say “St. Paddy’s Day” or “St. Patty’s Day”?

A surprising amount of people do not know the answer.

A lot of Americans will use “St. Patty’s” as shorthand, because after all, the letter “T” is in the name “Patrick,” but that’s not how it works.

If you want to be proper, you will be typing out “St. Paddy’s Day.”

Here is the reasoning behind the spelling, as explained by the appropriately named website PaddyNotPatty.com:

Paddy is derived from the Irish, Pádraig: the source of those mysterious, emerald double-Ds.

Patty is the diminutive of Patricia, or a burger, and just not something you call a fella.

There isn’t a sinner in Ireland that would refer to a Patrick as “Patty”. It’s as simple as that.

Welp, there we have it.

Go out and make sure to wish all of your friends a “Happy St. Paddy’s Day” on Friday. If you use any other spelling variation, you’re doing it all wrong.

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