Congressional Hearing On Russia Interupted By Texas Tech Football Analogy

These are crazy times.
It goes without saying that political machine is in flux, and while we won’t go into the ins and outs of it all, there is one bit of information that is absolutely critical.
So critical, in fact, that it took a roughly minute-and-a-half Abbot and Costello routine in the middle of the Russian Intel Hearing to communicate it.
During an exchange between Representative Mike Conaway and FBI Director James Comey, the Texas Tech football program was used during an analogy to clarify one of Comey’s points.

So, in case you had a hard time following that, here’s the revelation. If you want the Texas Red Raiders to win, you want the other team to lose.
If you want the Red Raiders to lose, by default you want the other team to win.
If you still aren’t clear, it’s understandable. This is complex, covert stuff. The most important thing is that you avoid addressing the actual issue head-on, and instead do a verbal tango until it’s time to break for lunch. That’s the way work gets done.
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