Greatest March Madness Shot to Date Happens Nowhere Near Court

I hope the lesson taught in class this day isn’t on the test, because nobody is going to remember it.
This years iteration of March Madness hasn’t provided much in terms of buzzer-beating drama. On the whole, the higher seeds have been doing pretty well as the lower seeds have fallen by the wayside. After this shot, they might as well all pack up shop and go home, no matter what they do, they’ll only be second best this year.

The distance. The accuracy. The total confusion of the professor trying to instill the importance of whatever in these kids. Top it off with the sharpshooter being carried out of the class while teacher urges them to put him down and get back in class.
Someone brought a luchador mask and had it in their book bag, just in case.
The audio used from Bryce Drew shot might actually be better served here than it was as it actually occurred.
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VIDEO: Bullfighter Has Rectum Destroyed By Bull