Trevor Noah Defends Tomi Lahren Following Suspension



“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah previously had conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren on his show to discuss a number of topics from across the political spectrum. It was an engaging debate that allowed both parties to express their thoughts, without over the top screaming or judging.
Noah is now once again discussing the social media star following her suspension from Glenn Bleck’s “The Blaze” network for pro-choice comments.
The host took to Lahren’s defense, pointing out the criticism of “The Blaze” for suspending a person after one differing view. After all, this is the network that prides itself on bashing liberals for their mob mentality when others disagree.
“If you’re a conservative network that preaches day in and day out, ‘You politically correct snowflakes get offended too easily when anyone says something you disagree with’, and then Tomi comes out and speaks her truth, says that she’s pro-choice, and then suddenly her bosses go, ‘Oh, you like choices? Well how about you choose a new job?’ That’s not cool,” Noah said.
But while Noah came to Lahren’s defense, he had to get in one jab because, well, that’s his schtick: “I was offended by the hypocrisy. I was so offended that I wanted to protest it. Unfortunately, there’s no type of black people protest that Tomi is comfortable with, so, uh… I guess we should just move on.”

Well played, Trevor.
The hypocrisy is absurd and it was interesting to see how many people instantly turned Lahren into the enemy following one stance that is in the middle of the political spectrum, but that’s the climate we are in.
Check out the segment and share your thoughts on whether “The Blaze” was right to suspend Lahren in the comments section below:

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