Hot take Tomi Lahren actually does know a thing or two, schools snowflake over Benghazi



Tomi Lahren, the conservative queen of hot takes, is known for yelling nonsensically about whatever upset her that day, whether it be protesters on the street or any other form of “snowflakes.”
But it turns out she isn’t always just screaming for no reason, she actually knows a thing or two. In this case, four.
During an appearance on Real Time With Bill Maher over the weekend, “Hot Take” Tomi and democrat Jason Kander got into a verbal sparring match — shocking, I know — about the victims of the Benghazi attack, every Republican’s favorite scandal to bring up.
Kander was trying to mock Lahren for not knowing the names of the four men who died, but she showed him who was boss.

“If you think you’re going to back someone into a corner on Benghazi, pick a different girl. I’m not the one,” Lahren said. “Trust me. I know all 4 names and honor their service and sacrifice.”
Ooooooooh, them’s some fightin’ words!

We have to give it to you here, Tomi. Like you said, you just keep “winning” this year.
It turns out Tomi Lahren isn’t too bad when she doesn’t insist on cranking the sass up to 11.
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