Martellus Bennett Drops 5 Song EP: I'm Not A Rapper But Some of My Friends Are

Martellus Bennett is having a hell of a year.
After being part of on of the most thrilling Super Bowl comebacks in NFL history, he’s chased that success with his debut EP. Humbly titled “I’m Not A Rapper But Some of My Friends Are,” Martellus describes it as the first step on his new mission to express himself creatively in as many ways as possible in 2017.
You know what? Not bad. It’s not the 7th Floor Crew, but maybe that’s for the best.
Bennett appears briefly on the tracks, but for the most part the songs are collaborations by some of MatchBox Tony, David Allen Dope, Keith Jacobs, Low Down, Franchise Tief, and Shaud Money.

On his SoundCloud page, Bennett explains why he chose to release the album:

I am not a rapper but some of my friends are..’ is exactly what the title says it is. It was just me and some of my friends hanging out in the studio making music for fun and this is what came out of it. Pretty cool to have so many talented friends and be able to create with them at a high level. I am on a mission to express my creativity in as many ways as possible in 2017, this is a part of my creative journey. Enjoy.

After signing with the Packers for three years and $21 million, Bennett will have the financial means to do a whole lot of expressing himself if that’s what he chooses to do.
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Photo Credit: Instagram

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