Video: World Surf League 'Wipeout Of The Year Award' Finalists

There is a mentality in sports that says you aren’t rewarded for your effort unless they lead to eventual success. “Trust the process.” “No moral victories.” “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”
They all amount to the same thing, you don’t get credit for showing your work if the final product isn’t the desired outcome.
For the most part, that is true. But there are rare exceptions to that rule. Occasionally, the failure is so spectacular that it might be considered a type of alternate success. That would certainly apply to the Tag Heuer Wipeout Award of $5,000 awarded to the surfer with the most spectacular wipeout.
Check out the nominees below:

It’s a tough call. They’re all pretty good.
For being the johnny-on-the-spot, the cameraman responsible for recording the epic wipeout will be awarded with $2,000.
The finalists include Hawaiian Nathan Florence, American Wilem Banks, Australian Danny Griffiths, Briton Tom Lowe, and Chile’s Rafael Tapia.
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