People Around The World Agree: Malort Is The Worst Liquor Ever

Malort holds the distinction of being the worst liquor in the world.
While that isn’t a formal title they can ascribe to themselves, it’s something everyone else is happy to do for them. In a taste test with mouths from around the world, Malort was tested and met with a similar reception across the board.
Few had likely heard of Malort prior to this, but I suspect sales will boom as people will often line up to try “the worst” of anything.
Check out the taste test below:

In a time where people are being heavily divided and compartmentalized into groups and categories, it’s nice to have something like Malort unify everyone.
On this day, at that table, everyone agreed on one thing: No to Malort.
What can that aftertaste really be? Everything from wet dog to petrol, without fail, each participant appeared to be in agony after the initial shot lingered in the back of their throat and chest.
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