VIDEO: Deer Obliterates Guy Getting Out Of Car And He Never Saw It Coming

It’s a cold night in Smithers, Canada. The B.C. is crisp, but you can tell the season are beginning to change. Your best bro was like: “yo, I’m heading that way, I’ll give you a ride.”
The night is going off without a hitch.
Music in his dodge blue Dodge Ram is bumping, he’s cranking them out; banger after banger. He pulls up, stops the car; “take it easy, bro.” You step out of the car, feeling pretty good about yourself.
Then… BLAM.
Muscle bound and on four legs, a blur has you sitting on your wallet with a splitting headache. A deer, normally skittish and coy, decided he’d had enough and rocked your smug face just for the hell of it. That’s exactly what happened to this 25 year old.

The guy was left unharmed, but expect him to look both ways before getting out of a car from now on.
The jury is still out on whether something like this can cause PTSD, but my guess is that the target is both traumatized and stressed out after the experience.
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