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Fox Sports 360-Degree Camera Captures Every Inch Of UFC On Fox 24


UFC on Fox 24 is in the books.

The event featured a few upsets, surprises and delivered on the promise of a packed card; there wasn’t a snoozer in the bunch. The audience, both in the arena and at home certainly got their dollars worth for the entertainment the event provided.

But never satisfied, the UFC and FOX filmed the entire event on their 360-degree camera so that every bit of the event was recorded, all at once.

Check out the highlight video below:

Even with years of use under its belt, these 360-degree cameras are still an emerging technology. The biggest issue comes when trying to project a 360-degree image on a flat, 2-d surface. It’s a bit jarring and takes a minute to understand what you are looking at. It also warps the image and distorts the figures in front of the camera to the point where you don’t fully understand what you’re looking at.

The old fashioned point and shoot camera has been working just fine for ages, and while there dis something to be said for innovation, this isn’t the direction to go. Flavor of the month, it seems.

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