VIDEO: Chuck Liddell Can Still Throw Vicious Hellbows

Chuck Liddell was once on top of the fighting world.
One of the sports most recognizable figures and a bonafide mixed martial arts star, Liddell made a name for himself with brutal knockouts that brought trained and groomed killers to their knees.
All these years later, you still wouldn’t want to be on the other side of him during a fight.
Check out these vicious elbows the former UFC light heavyweight champion throws just to get his pump on.

Look at the way Jay Glazer is blown back after the first elbow. Glazer isn’t a small guy, but even these warmup, loose environment type elbows from Liddell were causing damage through the pads he was holding.
Liddell still looks like he could hold his own in a fight in the Octagon if he needed to. Who knows, these days, retired doesn’t mean much. If someone offers Liddell enough coin, could he be persuaded to fight again? What’s he keeping in shape for, anyway? His health? Let’s be serious.
Kimbo Slice used to pay people $100 if you let him punch you in the stomach. Any takers to take a Liddell elbow to the face for that price? Doubt it.

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