ESPN Makes Small Change That Could Make A Big Difference In Your Fantasy League

Last season, there were 56 defensive touchdowns surrendered throughout the NFL season.
That’s enough to swing the outcome of an entire league wildly under the previous fantasy football rules.
Now, they worldwide leader in sports has made a small change to the way they assign or deduct points to more accurately reflect what is happening in the game.
ESPN’s Matthew Berry explains the rule change, and how it will effect your league:

“Let’s say you’ve got the Patriots defense … Tom Brady throws a pick-6 … you get knocked negative points because they ‘gave up a touchdown,’ even though it was actually the fault of Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. Now this year, that won’t happen.”

Under the new rules, you won’t be penalized for offensive missteps that turn into points going the other way. However, one quirk that remains is that you’ll still be deducted the points that are scored on the extra point or two-point conversion.
This is a relatively small change that will have a huge impact on the outcome of fantasy football leagues across ESPN. It never made sense to score it that way, and the it is surprising how long it took for the change to come in the first place.
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