VIDEO: Tennessee Punter Slams Home 360-Degree Dunk

With few exceptions, punters are rarely expected to do much running, jumping, or tackling.

They catch a lot of flak for being wimps, and are considered among the top percentile of a teams most unathletic players.

Meet Trevor Daniels: punter for the Tennessee Volunteers, and man on a mission to dispel special teams stereotypes.

On Monday, Edwards posted a video of himself throwing down a 360-degree slam on the court of the Volunteers gym.

PSA: @TrevorDaniel93 is the only punter in the NCAA that's doing this on the basketball court in his spare time

— Thomas Edwards (@bigtpedwards) May 8, 2017

Most impressive is the fact that nobody watching in the video seemed surprised. They continue to sit, hands folded around their knees, entirely unimpressed.

That likely suggests that Daniels is capable of slamming it home like this with regularity.

Athletes are usually able to compete competently in other sports; their physical coordination allows them to pick them up fairly quickly. However, it’s safe to say that many football or baseball players are walking onto a basketball court and doing a 360. Remember those dunk contests in the 90’s that pitted professionals from other sports against each other? Go back and watch how many dunks they miss.

Very impressive from the Volunteers punter.

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